Missing receipts
    Lost receipts waste time and lead to inaccurate reporting, costing your people time and limiting your visibility.

    Mobile technology makes missing receipts a thing of the past. Armed with robust mobile apps, travellers can instantly snap photos of receipts and automatically upload them to an expense claim.


    Out-of-policy spend
    Your employees may not intend to spend out of policy, but spending policies can be complicated. For example, employees may try to save the company money by booking
    hotels with reduced rates. However, if the hotel is not on your preferred provider list, they have violated policy.


    Configure your travel program to match your corporate policies by setting caps and restrictions that encourage employees to make the right choice the first time.


    Late expenses submissions
    You receive an expense claim from seven months ago, but you’ve already closed the books. Even worse, some of the expenses need to be charged back to customers, who usually don’t like surprise invoices.

    In addition to educating employees on your policies, you can create time limits with automatic reminders to eliminate the surprises.


    Error-prone spreadsheets
    Using a spreadsheet for expense management creates unnecessary manual work. And if your spreadsheet doesn’t contain errors, the manual translation may.


    Bring travel booking and expense management together into one, integrated platform that automates the process, eliminates paper and does away with the inherent inefficiencies and errors of spreadsheets.


    Poor visibility into the “why” of spending
    You can’t optimise your spend if you can’t see it. For example, you discover that a huge percentage of your spend goes to last minute plane tickets where rates are higher than if the same ticket was booked at an earlier date. 

    The Concur platform of integrated travel and expense management solutions helps you see the whole spending picture and make better decisions. With all your data flowing through the same system, you’ll know who’s spending what, why and where — giving you total insight into your spending and the ability to uncover new cost savings as you:

           • Get 100 percent, end-to-end visibility of every expense.
           • Leverage detailed spending data to drive savings and negotiate improved vendor rates.
           • Set rules, limits and reminders to eliminate recurring tasks and drive compliance.

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