Simplify booking and reduce costs with cloud-based travel management.
Easily finding independent and competitive travel content that is locally and globally relevant is not always a simple task. And, it becomes even more dificult when organisation-specific travel policies, reporting needs and traveler conveniences are factored into the equation.

Concur Travel: a cloud-based and mobile travel solution
Concur® Travel simplifies corporate travel booking while automatically enforcing policies and providing visibility through detailed report analysis. Our solution adapts to your company workflow and policies, ensuring complete control while providing employees with the ability to make preferential choices.

Book what you need:
• Search for and book relevant in-policy travel.
• Choose from multiple Global Distribution Systems (GDS).
• Save with direct connects, corporate discounts and Internet-only fares.

Quick and easy:
• Book everything from one easy-to-use tool.
• Make hotel, rental car or train bookings from a smartphone.
• Dive into spending with detailed reporting.

Smarter travel with better benefits
Independence and control

Concur Travel works with any travel management company, corporate credit card provider or GDS. Robust business rules (combined with automated pre-trip approval) also ensure consistent travel policy enforcement, putting organisations in complete control of their corporate travel booking process.

Easy online travel booking
From a single, intuitive cloud-based interface, travelers can quickly and simultaneously book local and international flights, rental car, hotel and rail reservations guided by your organisation’s specific policies.

Manage Expenses from a Smartphone
Concur’s mobile application

streamlines the business travel
experience and gives travelers the
flexibility to manage their itineraries
with ease.
• Quickly view travel itineraries and directions.
• Easily book hotels, cars or trains.
• Check flight status and airport gate information.

Concur on your smartphone travel simplified

Easy online travel booking
From one screen, book local and
international flights, rental car, hotel
and rail reservations guided by your
organisation’s policies.

Broad travel inventory
Concur’s technology is independent of any travel agency

or GDS. Plus, Concur maintains exclusive and direct
vendor partnerships, enabling the delivery of a broad
selection of inventory and services otherwise unavailable
through traditional travel programs. This allows Concur
to further help organisations streamline and drive costs
out of their business.

Electronic receipts
After travel, participating suppliers — including many
of the world’s major airline carriers, hotel chains and
rental car companies — automatically deliver complete
electronic folio data in the form of e-receipts directly into
a traveler’s Concur expense report.
All travel booking information is matched with credit
card charges and electronic receipts to create a
secure system of checks and balances for your
company’s spending.
Reduced travel booking fees
Easy-to-use tools drive adoption, which reduces
program leakage and reliance on travel consultantassisted

This can significantly cut fees associated with booking
travel by as much as 79% per booking transaction.*

Increased visibility through analysis

and reporting
Extensive reporting and analytics make it easy to
capture, consolidate and present travel spend data.
Managers can drive down costs with time-sensitive
information to conduct spending analyses and forecasts
while leveraging negotiated discounts.

About Concur

Concur is a leading provider of integrated travel and
expense management solutions. Concur’s adaptable
Web-based and mobile solutions help companies and
their employees control costs and save time.
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