Seven reasons why The Travel Authority Corporate are the experts you want working for you.

The Travel Authority Corporate are your ideal partners for the unique markets you work in. Here are just some of the reasons we are your perfect partners.


Our team is, simply, incredibly good at what they do.

Allowing The Travel Authority to take corporate travel management off your hands gives you access to the best deals, availability, and innovative solutions, saving you time, money and stress. Our experienced staff draw on their contacts and knowledge of your unique industry to deliver your travel arrangements exactly as specified.


Our consistently professional approach means every contact with us will leave you feeling confident of a good outcome.

By taking corporate travel management off your hands, we take on all your arrangements,freeing up your time and your head space, allowing you to take care of your other priorities, secure in the knowledge your organisation’s travel needs are superbly taken care of. To begin, all you need to do is call or email.


The Travel Authority was born from a desire to provide a premium quality corporate travel service.

Sixteen years on, this remains at the core of every booking we undertake. Our entire team shares a passion for exceptional service and our reputation within the industry reflects this.


At The Travel Authority, nothing is impossible and every obstacle has a solution.

Organising travel can be complex, and a variety of conflicting priorities can make scheduling and booking a challenge. As masters of the unlikely destination and geniuses of the last minute change, the industry experience of our travel specialists turns your ‘impossible’ corporate booking into a worry free success story.


Every member of our team is a long-standing member of the travel industry.

Not only does this confer on them a great deal of experience and knowledge, it also gives them exclusive access to service providers, ie. fellow travel colleagues who know and respect them. These working relationships take years to develop and our travel advisors are proud of their strong industry connections. And when you arrange your corporate travel through someone with industry contacts you’ll find it’s easier, faster and the final result is better.


We guarantee to solve all your corporate travel dilemmas.

Our around the clock concierge service commits to resolve your travel issues within fifteen minutes of receiving your call, no matter where in the world you are. The solution may involve the arrangement of an alternative flight, booking last minute accommodation or finding you a nearby travel agent to solve the problem face to face. Our priority is giving you the support you need when things go wrong.


Our optimism, enthusiasm and tenacity are boundless… and catching.

We love to show you our capabilities, to solve the unsolvable, find the tricky solution, and ultimately, to get your team, crew or delegate to their destination on time and home safely, without compromise.

Get in touch to see how we can make your corporate travel easy and efficient.

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